Role: Designer & Animator
Fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM) is an emerging research methodology that combines the way we think (the qualitative) with the power of computing science (the quantitative) to help us unravel our most complex social systems. At Thicket Labs, we use FCM to build new problem-solving tools & technologies that harness human collaborative intelligence to help us redesign complex systems. Up to now, the primary challenge in introducing FCM has been engaging audiences with often dense concepts and methods.

As designer and strategist at Thicket, I produced, designed and animated a 4-minute education video with the Thicket team to clarify the FCM framework and broadcast the incredible potential FCM proposes to collective impact practices.
Design and Animation: Jacob Hernandez
Written by: Deepthi Welaratna & Taylor Corbett
Narration: Valerie Evering
Music and Sound: Jon Bernstein 
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