Client: Google Computer Science in Media
Role: UX/UI & Visual Designer
Many factors influence and inspire young people to pursue their dream careers. But can a TV show that positively portrays Computer Science and depict young women who code have the potential to reshape the tech industry now and in the future? As a study commissioned by Google CS in Media, Thicket Labs surveyed young TV viewers about their perceptions, affinities, and choices to evaluate whether watching the YouTube Red Original series Hyperlinked has an impact on their likelihood to choose Computer Science as a field of study or career. Thicket found that Hyperlinked viewers are now 11% more likely to be interested in Computer Science careers than viewers who have not watched Hyperlinked.

As lead designer, I developed the user experience and visual interactions for two online quizzes used to capture viewer data for the study. Surveys were distributed to young TV viewers, reaching over 1,000 users over two months.

YouTube Red's Hyperlinked

Designing engaging data collection experiences for young people

To find out to what extent Hyperlinked influences young girls’ interest in pursuing computer science careers, we deployed two digital surveys – the ‘Career Decision Quiz’ to qualify an individual's likelihood to choose a specific career in the future, and the ‘Audience & Identity Quiz’ to understand how an individual is influenced by a character and storytelling choices.

Entry Points & Wireflow
As part of our distribution strategy, we partnered with the social network and lifestyle site for girls, Miss O & Friends, to advertise and directly link both quizzes to their 10,000+ member base. To drive even more users, quiz takers can share their results via social media platforms or direct email to others in their network. These wireflows show the journey between primary, secondary and ongoing entry points into the quizzes.
'Career Decision Quiz' wireflow:
'Audience & Identity Quiz' wireflow (with parent / guardian consent):
UI & Visual Design
When designing a digital experience targeted to tween and teenage girls, it was important to choose visual elements that resonated with and felt familiar to our target audience. Bright colors, fun animations and the use of imagery and iconography helped create an entertaining and engaging experience for quiz takers. Other strategies we used to maximize user engagement were to theme the quizzes around entertaining topics and introduce them with enticing BuzzFeed-like questions. These techniques incentivized quiz takers with interesting, personal and shareable insights.
Career Fortune Teller: 'Career Decision Quiz'
#SoulsieSquad Quiz: 'Audience & Identity Quiz'

 The Career Decision Quiz reached 542 survey takers to measure the impact of watching Hyperlinked on their likelihood to choose to study or work in computer science in the future.

 The Audience & Identity Quiz reached 460 survey takers to measure how viewers related to the characters on Hyperlinked in terms of personal identity and preferences.
Final Reporting & Press
The findings and what they mean for Google's CS Education in Media program is profiled in a USA Today article, along with USC's analysis of how computer science is portrayed in TV at large. Read the article here. You can also read the findings here.
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